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How to change the number of posts shown

Medium's JSON feed only returns the 3 most recent posts from a profile or publication.  This means that the maximum number of posts your can show with the embed feature is 3.

If you would like to show fewer posts, you can change the postsCount variable in the code snippet.

See the example below: 

<div id="fm-medium-embed"></div>

<script src="//data.feedmirror.com/embed.js"></script>
  var fmSettings = {
    integration: 'medium-embed',
    linkOutText: 'Read more',
    linkToMediumProfileText: 'Subscribe on Medium',
    postsCount: 1,
    openNewTab: false,
    element: 'fm-medium-embed'

This snippet will show the most recent Medium post, and no others.

If this line is missing, the embed feature will default to 3 posts. Any number greater than "3" will also default to 3.

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